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MoneySmart Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Meaningful & Affordable Gift Ideas

Nubo55 reusable straws from MamaShop ($15)
In 2020, everyone knows that the once-ubiquitous plastic straw is evil. Every time you use a reusable straw instead of a single-use one, a sea turtle thanks you (and you also free up space on Pulau Semakau, our national landfill).

Nubo55’s reusable straws are ideal for bubble tea fans, who actually really need a straw to enjoy their drink of choice. They come with a slanted tip that lets you pierce through plastic packaging and is extra wide to accommodate pearls. On top of that, the straws come in a range of cheery colours and can also be dismantled into two pieces and stored in the provided case.

They’re sold by Mama Shop, a retailer of eco-friendly, sustainable products based in Singapore.

Source: MoneySmart , December 2020
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Limited Edition Nubo x Titoy & Morchoo Straws
Celebrate Halloween with the Limited Edition Nubo x Titoy & Morchoo Straws which is a collaboration with thelocalfarm. Designed locally in limited quantities, this exclusive line of environmentally friendly eco straws will not only play a part in saving the environment, you will also grab some eyeballs along the way this Halloween. Own a Galaxy Black and Peach Orange straw or get it as a treat to the young visitors at your doorstep.

Source: SGLIFESTYLE.SG , November 2020
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During this pandemic period, cleanliness and hygiene have been at the forefront of everybody’s minds, with many people opting to use their own dining set when dining out so as to minimise the use of public crockery. Homegrown eco-lifestyle brand MamaShop sells all the dining supplies you will need, from dinnerware made with bamboo fibre to a full set of biodegradeable utensils that come packed in a washable jute bag. For takeaway drinks, choose from their array of BPA-free bottles, coffee mugs made with rice husks and reusable straws made with natural straw grass.

For upcoming promotions, visit and for corporate orders, email

Source: SilverKris Magazine , October 2020
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Not just survival: crafting long term digitalisation strategies

Entrepreneur Vanessa Ong founded Gernise Global in 2014, a B2B company specialising in distributing polycarbonate and plastic raw material. . In 2016, she also founded MamaShop, a B2C e-commerce platform specialising in environmentally-friendly products including lifestyle products and eco-friendly straws.

During the pandemic, like many other businesses, her ventures were pushed towards digitalisation out of necessity. Though the process was challenging, they received help through a partnership with The FinLab, an innovation accelerator powered by United Overseas Bank. The results have shown how digitalisation not only allows for survival, but opens up new avenues for long term growth and performance.

SMEhorizon spoke with Vanessa Ong, Managing Director and Founder of Gernise Global and Mamashop, and Pauline Sim, Head, The FinLab, on Gernise Global and Mamashop’s digital journey, the current momentum for digitalisation, and how SMEs can best leverage digital transformation for long term success.

Sim shared how The FinLab, which has supported Fintechs, SMEs and start-ups across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand on their digitalisation journey for five years, is now seeing more businesses prioritise and accelerate their digitalisation efforts, sometimes out of necessity rather than choice, as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

“We have also seen more consumers going online more frequently to buy goods and services. We believe that this shift in consumer behaviour to digital services is permanent, and businesses must follow suit to continue to grow their customer base and revenue streams.

“Not surprisingly, a recent UOB survey of ASEAN SMEs found that SMEs in the region now see digitalisation as their top priority (60 per cent) following the pandemic, an area that was ranked fourth (49 per cent) prior to the outbreak.”

Echoing her statements, Ong shared how the current pandemic was a decisive factor in recognising the importance of digitalisation. “During the circuit breaker, we had to re-evaluate our customer acquisition strategy because our retail partners could not operate and corporate orders were put on hold. We needed to strengthen our digital capabilities for both Gernise Global and Mamashop.

Source: SME Horizon, September 2020
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Retooling businesses and raising kids: Mumpreneurs struggle to keep it together

One mum who had to transform her company quickly is Ms Vanessa Ong, 43, founder and managing director of Gernise Global, which deals in plastics, and Mamashop, which offers eco-friendly products.

She found herself working seven days a week during the circuit breaker as she had to supervise her twins’ home-based learning (HBL), manage the household and cook.

She has no helper and her husband, 43, is an essential worker in the marine industry.

“Managing working from home and HBL drove me nuts,” she says.

She founded Mamashop in 2016 after looking for environmentally-friendly items for her twins, now aged seven.

While she used to focus on selling to retailers and corporations, she had to overhaul her business quickly when her retail partners closed during the circuit breaker and corporate orders were put on hold.

She already had an e-commerce website, but online consumers have little brand loyalty. So she created regular marketing activities, from contests and giveaways to collaborations with other businesses and influencers.

For instance, when bubble tea shops had to close, she shared a DIY bubble tea video online to promote her eco-friendly bubble tea straw, and sent some to influencers to try. This boosted sales for two weeks.

Now that malls have opened in Phase 2, she is seeing business-to-business opportunities resume, but will continue to have both online and offline platforms.

“I learnt that mumpreneurs can be wonder women. We can multitask as a mum, a chef, a teacher, a boss, an entertainer and even a fitness coach,” she says.

Source: Straits Times Online, June 2020
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Think Green

Founded in 2014, Gernise Global is a Singpaore-based enterprise distributing eco-friendly lifestyle products. It's the distributor for Husk'sWare, a brand of plastic-free dining and kitchenware made of rice husks. Its latest project is a collaboration with Husk'sWare and Gardenasia to produce child-friendly utensils themed around the latter eco-ambassadors, Titoy and Morchoo. Visit to purchase.

Source: Straits Times, November 2018