About us

Everything about Mamashop

Hello! We are MamaShop, a homegrown Singaporean eco-lifestyle brand, with our future generations at the heart of our work.

We are mindful of what matters and believe in caring for the people we love and the earth we live in. It matters what we put into the mouths of babes, how we consume in our everyday lives and what remains here on earth for the future generations. This mindfulness anchors how and what we design and produce in MamaShop.

Championing sustainability and zero-waste, our raw materials range from the eco-friendly bamboo, agricultural waste like rice husks to other eco-materials that help to conserve natural resources and minimise harmful environmental impacts during the whole product life-cycle. We are just getting started with dining, kitchen and home-ware like reusable straws and lunch boxes and hope to continue innovating to bring you more ecofriendly and biodegradable products that are safe for mankind and mother nature.

Our ethos for eco-materials goes beyond sourcing, manufacturing and packaging into trade conversations and corporate conversions from single-use plastics to re-usable wares, uniting everyone who cares about our future.

Embark on this lifelong journey with us to make a conscious decision to reduce, reuse and recycle, to save the ecosystem in which we live.


is a world of sustainability, without single-use plastics.


is to make a difference towards a sustainable future by creating an eco-system to reduce waste, recycle earth’s natural materials and produce reusable eco-friendly products for your everyday life.


is to champion sustainability and zerowaste for earth’s eco-system.

Our VALUES guide our pursuit for a sustainable future.


People matter. Lives matter. We are not just here to save the planet, but humanity from the negative impacts of climate change and plastic pollution. We can’t change the world in an instant, but we can make a conscious decision, an everyday effort and a lifelong journey to care about what we use and how we use to safeguard our future generations and the world that mankind will be living in.


Earth is our home and we are connected to the eco-system of the environment in which we live. With respect to ecology, we are on a mission to recycle earth’s natural materials like rice husk and bamboo through responsible sourcing, green work environments and production, to bring you eco-friendly products for your everyday life.


We are mindful to switch from single-use to zero-waste, to skip the bottled water and say no to disposable plastic bags. These seemingly small conscious decisions we make everyday do add up to something bigger towards sustainable eco-living.